Lambros Christoforou LTD started as a small business in 1985 manufacturing precast concrete BBQ’s and traditional firebrick fireplaces.

The passion and professionalism of Mr. Lambros Christoforou combined with the excellent quality of its products and the consistency towards the customers, have been the foundation for its development over the years.

After thirty-eight years of continuous operation L. Christoforou Ltd, developed into a Modern Family Business,apart from the field of outdoor decoration, is also active in the energy heating sector, outdoor gas grills.

The company is housed in a privately owned building of 2,500 sq.m., where the factory for the production of cement products operates, as well as the exhibition area for energy heating products, concrete BBQ’s and gas grills in the industrial area of Xylotympou, in Larnaca.

The company L. Christoforou has the ability to manufacture cement products to order, according to the space and customer needs.